Donation Terms
Last edited
October 9, 2017
Payers Permission
In order to donate to Discord Dungeons, you require the permission of the payer to do so.
Discord Dungeons is not responsible for any consequences that may ensue if a payment is done without the payer's permission.

That you are over the age of 18
By donating you agree that you are over the legal age to be considered an adult in most countries.
This is to avoid any legal issues that may occur for whatever reason and to ensure that you are old enough to take responsibility for those reasons.

That the currency used for donation is your own
By donating you acknowledge that all currency used for donating is your own.
Mackan and the DRPG staff are not responsible for any stolen funds nor acknowledge any legal issues you may incur by stealing funds for the purposes of donating.
Stealing is a crime and is not encouraged in any way by DRPG or Discord Dungeons.
If you are caught stealing then you face the full legal ramifications of the act.
Mackan and DRPG are fully unaware of any illegal acts and will comply with the law as required to handle such matters but will not take any responsibility for your actions.

That you understand all donations are final and non-refundable
Donations are final, there is ample time to back out during the donation process, once your money is sent and received by Mackan, there are no refunds unless required by law or in the event of a chargeback claim.

Please note that filing a chargeback claim forfeits any items you were to receive as a result of donating and you may be denied from receiving them in the future. This is to avoid trolling or misuse of the donations.

That donations may take time for specified items to be delivered
Mackan and DRPG staff do not have a set time for delivery of goods after donation.
If you have not recieved your reward in what you deem a timely manner, please contact the DRPG staff or Mackan#7196 about it, but recognise that it is at the discretion of the staff to rectify the issue.

Mackan is not responsible for misplacement of funds due to third parties involved in the transaction i.e. PayPal or similar services
PayPal and other credit services can glitch at times.
As a result, DRPG and Mackan are not responsible for lost funds due to the issues of a particular service.
We will not refund you if the service is the reason the funds went missing.
That is for you to dispute with the service. DRPG offers no guarantees for the reliability of other third-party services used in the transaction.