Donation FAQ
Last edited
October 10, 2017
What is "within reason" for an item?
"Within reason" means that the items stats are based on the level of the item itself.
This is to prevent the game from becoming pay to win with donator weapons having damage ranges of e.g. 200 to 6,000 at level 5.

What stats will my donator pet have?
The stats of a donator pet is typically matched to the users current level +10, with the stats getting a 20% boost to HP and damage.
Along with this, the user gets to choose the type of the pet aswell.

Can I donate for someone else?
You can donate for someone else!
To do so, talk with Mackan#7196 to get it sorted after a donation has been made!
What's Membership?
Membership is a premium version of DRPG, giving the user exclusive content.
Included with membership is
  • More market slots
  • More Quests
  • More Areas
  • More Items
  • More Enemies
  • More NPCs